Numark Party Mix DJ Controller Review

DJ Equipment Review
August 2, 2017

Every DJ has to start somewhere and that’s what the Numark Party Mix Starter DJ Controller offers: A solid beginner’s DJ controller that has all of the major basic functions you need to build your skills.

Plug n’ Play

The Numark Party Mix features plug n’ play capabilities, thanks to class compliance. All you need is your computer and the Party Mix and everything you need for a legit DJing experience is right at your fingertips. Virtual DJ LE, the software that comes with Party Mix, is accessible the moment you connect Party Mix to your computer for an effortlessly seamless experience.


Built-in Soundcard

Because the soundcard is already built-in to the Numark Party Mix system, all you need is compatible speakers and/or headphones and that’s it—no extra software or hardware is necessary. (The headphone jack is a standard 1/8-inch.)

Compact Chassis

The compact chassis is space-saving, perfect for dorms or kids’ rooms or a family hobby room. It features dual scratch pads with dual slider controls for a classic DJ controller setup.

Standard DJ controls

Alongside each of the scratch pads and slider controls, you get 4 multifunctional rubber trigger buttons (a total of 8), which allow you to access cue points, add custom effects and pre-sampled beats and more. Moreover, easy equalization controls allow you to set bass, treble, master gain and channel gain to your preferred settings to create a sound that’s uniquely and authentically you.

Built-in Lightshow

Three RGB (red, green, blue) LED lights are built-in on the Party Mix, backlighting you as you perform. Even better, they intelligently synch up with your music to create a lighting experience that compliments your performance.



First Impression of the Numark Party Mix Starter DJ Controller

I was surprised by how small the Party Mix is in person when I first saw it. Obviously, I knew it was going to be compact, but I was initially worried it might impact performance. However, I’m happy to report my worry was for nothing. If anything, the smaller chassis allows me to take it more places, and my kids can easily tote it from room to room while they play with it as well.
The plug n’ play aspect is appreciated. Nothing’s worse than installing a bunch of extra drivers or having to buy extra gear to setup something like a beginner’s DJ controller. I like that it comes with its on software. As I later mention in this review, it’s optimized to work with the software it comes with. Luckily, you actually get the software for free—for keeps. This would have been a downside if it was merely a free trial, but thankfully you can continue to use it, which makes it worth it, in my opinion.

The Party Mix easily connected with both headphones and speakers we already had at our house. The connection was pretty standard, so for those who already have their own, you likely won’t have to buy any, which is another very likable aspect.

Most important is functionality. The Party Mix offers a lot of capabilities for a DJ controller that is targeted at beginners. You can actually make some quality mixes and it’s easily to tinker with them to get the sound that you want—the scratch pads are especially fun to play with, which I suppose is what most of us adults who have always imagined ourselves DJing have been dying to do since we were kids, since, you know, there were actually records back then.

As I mentioned before, I have kids, and they love the Party Mix as much as I do, so, in my opinion, it’s great for all ages, which makes me love it more.



The Pros

  • Class-compliant, plug n’ play
  • Free Virtual DJ LE software included
  • Built-in soundcard—no extra sound software required, simply plug in speakers or headphones
  • Compact chassis are space-saving
  • Dual scratch pads
  • Dual slider controls
  • 8 total multifunctional trigger buttons for cues and samples
  • Equalization controls for customizing master gain, bass and more
  • Built-in lightshow feature; RGB LED backlighting
  • User manual included
  • Warranty included
  • Lightweight at 1.8lbs—easy to travel with

The Cons

  • To fully access the included free software, Virtual DJ LE, you have to go to the website and enter the registration code. This is a bit annoying, but at the same time, it is your free pass for the software, and the good news is once you enter it, it’s yours for life.
  • Since it’s intended for beginners, it’s really only designed to be used with the included software, but this isn’t really an issue for the DJing novice, and if you end up becoming serious about DJing, you’ll likely upgrade to a different controller anyway.


Numark’s Party Mix is covered under a warranty, so if any issues arise during the warranty period, you’re good.

Final verdict

The Numark Party Mix is an ideal DJ controller for beginner DJs by providing all the basics you need to get a handle on basic DJing skills and concepts—and then take them to the next level.


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