How Do Distrokid Payments Work?

Well, you’ve done it, you’re getting streams and now you’re earning money for your artistic endeavors online. But how does all this stuff work?

How Do You Withdraw Money From Distrokid?

Distrokid conglomerates all your royalties and earnings from all your sources into their bank tab. All you have to do is log into your account, and go to that tab to see what money is available to withdraw.

The bank tab has all the information you need as well as your available earnings. All you have to do is click WITHDRAW EARNINGS, and put in your password and relevant information to start the withdraw process.

What Payment Options Does Distrokid have?

Distrokid can pay you by PayPal, ACH, wire, or check. Personally, I use Paypal as it’s the simplest for me, but it’s still a bit of a hassle. If you want to switch between payment methods you can do so on your account page. You can withdraw whenever you want, which is nice.

Where’s My Money, Spotify Says I have 30k Streams…?

Distrokid, Tunecore, and CDBaby all have a 2-3 month delay on conglomerating royalties from their distribution network. The sad fact is you’ll have to wait and always be behind a few months on your income. If I had to guess, it’s to prevent fraud on Spotify/Apple Music’s side.

As far as specifics on when money enters your Distrokid account, it happens whenever the streaming services send you your share.

How Do You Split Earnings?

You can set up automatic splits for any of your musical properties, the splits require another Distrokid account. You can invite people without an account for a 50% discount through this feature, or just add existing accounts; and the percentage payments will properly be routed as per the rules put in place. The account that distributed the track needs to set up the earning split.